George Soros Demands Fluoride Added To Drinking Water In Schools

Billionaire globalist George Soros has outlined his plan to ensure “all school-aged children in the United States of America receive daily doses of water with added fluoride” by adding the controversial chemical to school drinking water.

Soros claims to have become “obsessed” over the dental health of children in recent months, and is now pushing for the mandatory inclusion of fluoride in school drinking water – regardless of the local laws in the state.

Teeth are so important. It’s easy to forget,” Soros said in a short but sweet press release published on his Open Society Foundations website. “That’s why we are going to make things easy for you and your children.

“The Open Society Foundations are pleased to announce a major project for 2017-2018 will be the implantation of fluoride to all school drinking water in the United States of America. We have the logistical ability to make the transition to this healthier new world, and we believe the political support is not far away.”

The Open Society Foundations’ move to include fluoride in school drinking water comes just months after a similar campaign was announced in the Russian Federation.

The Open Society Foundations announce new project to add fluoride to the drinking water in schools across America
The Open Society Foundations announce new project to add fluoride to the drinking water in schools across America

However the plan backfired, with President Putin banning fluoride from Russia, stating that the “toxic poison” that was “force fed to prisoners of war during Soviet times” should not “under any circumstances, now or in the future, be considered for use on the people of the Russian Federation.”

5 Simple Facts

Here are 5 simple facts, provided by Natural Society, that might inspire you to take action and tell your legislators that fluoride should be kept away from children at all costs:

1. Fluoride levels are not easily measured once put into municipal water supplies

Even if there was a ‘safe’ dose of fluoride (which there really isn’t), there is absolutely no way to regulate this. Furthermore, if you eat a bowl of cereal with milk and a Coke, you have likely overdosed on fluoride, likely exceeding the American Dental Association’s recommended daily dose by 230%.

When excessive amounts of fluoride are consumed, it can be a killer — a carcinogen that causes bone, lung, and bladder cancers. The “it” is fluoride, a common additive in most American communities’ drinking water and an ingredient in the vast majority of commercially produced adult toothpastes. Why add it to your drinking, and bathing water also?

2. There are often other dangerous toxins in fluoridated water

NSF, the corporation that developed drinking water standards, stated that the ‘most common contaminant in [fluoridated water] is arsenic.’ Consumer Reports recently said there were also traces of arsenic, otherwise known as rat poison, in your food, too. Its in baby cereals, juice and rice. Arsenic has also been found in commercially raised chicken. It can cause serious health conditions.

According to

“Arsenic is one of the most toxic elements that can be found. Despite their toxic effect, inorganic arsenic bonds occur on earth naturally in small amounts. Humans may be exposed to arsenic through food, water and air. Exposure may also occur through skin contact with soil or water that contains arsenic. Levels of arsenic in food are fairly low, as it is not added due to its toxicity. But levels of arsenic in fish and seafood may be high, because fish absorb arsenic from the water they live in. Luckily this is mainly the fairly harmless organic form of arsenic, but fish that contain significant amounts of inorganic arsenic may be a danger to human health.”

Why drink fluoride in your water, too?

3. Fluoride is an industrial waste

Fluoride could only be legally disposed of at a great cost to companies who created it with industrial practices. As Dr. Bill Marcus explains:

“There are prescribed methods for disposal and they’re very expensive. Fluoride is a very potent poison. It’s a registered pesticide, used for killing rats or mice. If it were to be disposed of, it would require a class-one landfill. That would cost the people who are producing aluminum or fertilizer about $7000+ per 5000- to 6000-gallon truckload to dispose of it. It’s highly corrosive.”

But – it you figure out how to swindle an entire nation, you get them to pay you to suck it through a straw.

4. Fluoride doesn’t prevent cavities

The ‘dental caries prevention myth’ linked with fluoride, started in the United States in 1939 when a scientist named Gerald J. Cox, employed by ALCOA – the largest producer of toxic fluoride waste and at the time being threatened by fluoride damage claims – fluoridated some lab rats, concluded that fluoride reduced cavities and claimed that it should be added to the nation’s water. It’s total bunk.

Florida State University recently found that, “. . .used in the proper amounts, it can make teeth stronger and aid in the treatment of osteoporosis.

In British Columbia, a shocking 11% of the entire population drinks fluoridated water, as opposed to 40-70% in other Canadian regions. Despite this, British Columbia has the lowest rate of tooth decay in all of Canada. In addition, the lowest rates of dental caries within the province are found in areas that do not have their water supplies fluoridated. Cavities are caused by excessive use of refined sugar and processed foods in general. That’s it. Your saliva cleans your mouth, as does brushing your teeth with non-fluoride toothpaste.

Pharmaceutical meds can also dry out your saliva, and this can cause cavities, not the absence of fluoride. In 1986-87, the largest study ever on fluoridation and tooth decay was performed. The subjects were 39,000 school children between 5 and 17 living in 84 areas around the country. A third of the places were fluoridated, a third were partially fluoridated, and a third were not. Results indicate no statistically significant differences in dental decay between fluoridated and unfluoridated cities. Yet, city after city wants to fluoridate their water. What gives?

5. Poisoned via dilution

Some argue the only reason fluoridation is being considered at all is because we are being poisoned via dilution. “The solution to pollution is dilution. You poison everyone a little bit rather than poison a few people a lot. This way, people don’t know what’s going on.” It may sounds like a conspiracy theory, but Hitler used sodium fluoride in his concentration camps. When you consider that this is a product of the aluminum and pharmaceutical and weapon manufacturing companies, it makes you think twice.

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CIA MKULTRA: Drugs To Take Down The Nation

Jon Rappoport

Drugs to transform individuals…and even, by implication, society.

Drug research going far beyond the usual brief descriptions of MKULTRA.

The intention is there, in the record:

A CIA document was included in the transcript of the 1977 US Senate Hearings on MKULTRA, the CIA’s mind-control program.  

The document is found in Appendix C, starting on page 166. It’s simply labeled “Draft,” dated 5 May 1955 (note: scroll down to #123-125 in the document).

It states: “A portion of the Research and Development Program of [CIA’s] TSS/Chemical Division is devoted to the discovery of the following materials and methods:”

What followed was a list of hoped-for drugs and their uses.

First, a bit of background: MKULTRA did not end in 1962, as advertised. It was shifted over to the Agency’s Office of Research and Development.

John Marks is the author of the groundbreaking book, Search for the Manchurian Candidate, which exposed MKULTRA. Marks told me a CIA representative informed him that the continuation of MKULTRA, after 1962, was carried out with a greater degree of secrecy, and he, Marks, would never see a scrap of paper about it.

I’m printing below, the list of the 1955 intentions of the CIA regarding their own drug research. The range of those intentions is stunning.

Some of my comments gleaned from studying the list:

The CIA wanted to find substances which would “promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness.” Serious consideration should be given to the idea that psychiatric medications, food additives, herbicides, and industrial chemicals (like fluorides) would eventually satisfy that requirement.

The CIA wanted to find chemicals that “would produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way.” This suggests many possibilities—among them the use of drugs to fabricate diseases and thereby give the false impression of germ-caused epidemics.

The CIA wanted to find drugs that would “produce amnesia.” Ideal for discrediting whistleblowers, dissidents, certain political candidates, and other investigators. (Scopolamine, for example.)

The CIA wanted to discover drugs which would produce “paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.” A way to make people decline in health as if from diseases.

The CIA wanted to develop drugs that would “alter personality structure” and thus induce a person’s dependence on another person. How about dependence in general? For instance, dependence on institutions, governments?

The CIA wanted to discover chemicals that would “lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men.” Sounds like a general description of the devolution of society.

As you read the list yourself, you’ll see more implications/possibilities.

Here, from 1955, are the types of drugs the MKULTRA men at the CIA were looking for. The following statements are direct CIA quotes:

A portion of the Research and Development Program of TSS/Chemical Division is devoted to the discovery of the following materials and methods:

1. Substances which will promote illogical thinking and impulsiveness to the point where the recipient would be discredited in public.

2. Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.

3. Materials which will prevent or counteract the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

4. Materials which will promote the intoxicating effect of alcohol.

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

6. Materials which will render the induction of hypnosis easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness.

7. Substances which will enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture and coercion during interrogation and so-called “brain-washing”.

8. Materials and physical methods which will produce amnesia for events preceding and during their use.

9. Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.

10. Substances which produce physical disablement such as paralysis of the legs, acute anemia, etc.

11. Substances which will produce “pure” euphoria with no subsequent let-down.

12. Substances which alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient to become dependent upon another person is enhanced.

13. A material which will cause mental confusion of such a type that the individual under its influence will find it difficult to maintain a fabrication under questioning.

14. Substances which will lower the ambition and general working efficiency of men when administered in undetectable amounts.

15. Substances which promote weakness or distortion of the eyesight or hearing faculties, preferably without permanent effects.

16. A knockout pill which can surreptitiously be administered in drinks, food, cigarettes, as an aerosol, etc., which will be safe to use, provide a maximum of amnesia, and be suitable for use by agent types on an ad hoc basis.

17. A material which can be surreptitiously administered by the above routes and which in very small amounts will make it impossible for a man to perform any physical activity whatsoever.

At the end of this 1955 CIA document, the author [unnamed] makes these remarks: “In practice, it has been possible to use outside cleared contractors for the preliminary phases of this [research] work. However, that part which involves human testing at effective dose levels presents security problems which cannot be handled by the ordinary contactors.

“The proposed [human testing] facility [deletion] offers a unique opportunity for the secure handling of such clinical testing in addition to the many advantages outlined in the project proposal. The security problems mentioned above are eliminated by the fact that the responsibility for the testing will rest completely upon the physician and the hospital. [one line deleted] will allow [CIA] TSS/CD personnel to supervise the work very closely to make sure that all tests are conducted according to the recognized practices and embody adequate safeguards.”

In other words, this was to be ultra-secret. No outside contractors at universities for the core of the experiments, which by the way could be carried forward for decades.

A secret in-house facility.

Over the years, more facilities could be created.

If you examine the full range of psychiatric drugs developed since 1955, you’ll see that a number of them fit the CIA’s agenda. Speed-type chemicals to addle the brain over the long term, to treat so-called ADHD. Anti-psychotic drugs, AKA “major tranquilizers,” to render patients more and more dependent on others (and government) as they sink into profound disability and incur motor brain damage. And of course, the SSRI antidepressants, like Prozac and Paxil and Zoloft, which produce extreme and debilitating highs and lows—and also push people over the edge into committing violence.

These drugs drag the whole society down into lower and lower levels of consciousness and action.

If that’s the goal of a very powerful and clandestine government agency…it’s succeeding.

Jon Rappoport



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Another Massive Pedophile Ring Uncovered, With Clear Ties To Pope Benedict’s Brother

Pedophilia is a big problem these days, and has been for a while. For decades, and more recently with the Harvey Weinstein case, Corey Feldman’s revelations and more, people in positions of great power have been implicated in this type of activity, but it doesn’t stop in Hollywood.

Pedophilia and child trafficking has plagued the world of politics as well as the military industrial complex for a long time. The recent Pizzagate scandal involving long time high ranking politician Jon Podesta forced many people to look into it more.

Jeffrey Epstein is another classic example, or the fact that a recent NBC news report claimed that Hillary Clinton, while acting as secretary of state, shut down an investigation into an elite pedophile ring in State Department ranks [involving high ranking officials and an ambassador].

James Grazioplene, a high ranking retired army general who worked in the Pentagon and as the Vice President of DynCorp, is currently facing six rape charges of underaged persons.

As far back as 2005, U.S. congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney grilled Donald Rumsfeld on private military contractor’s (DynCorp) child trafficking business of selling women and children.

The list literally goes on and on, from Hollywood, to politics and within the military industrial complex, all the way up to the hub which seems to be in charge of it all, the Vatican.

Many people have known about the problems of pedophilia, child abuse and violence that has plagued the Vatican for a long time, but this information started to become more mainstream only a few years ago, and it coincided with Pope Benedict’s resignation, something that hasn’t happened for more than 600 years.

The amount of recent pedophilia cases is enough to make you cringe, which, apart from the examples mentioned above, include  the FBI/Europol case, in which 350 pedophiles were busted soon after the arrest of Playpen creator, Stephen Chase; the prominent Vatican official Cardinal George Pell, who was found to be connected to child pornography and pedophilia; and the 70,000-member pedophilia ring uncovered in Norway.

Pell is a top Vatican official, and has been an advisor to Pope Benedict, as well as Pope Francis. He’s one of the Vatican’s most powerful officials, and is currently facing an Australian court, again, on charges of historic sexual assault.

Last June he was charged by detectives from Victoria Police, and is currently fighting multiple allegations of sexual abuse, despite the fact that the details of the charges have not been made public.

Below is a picture of Pell with pope Benedict.

In even more recent news, a massive amount of decades of sexual abuse was reported in a choir that was led by the retired pope Benedict’s brother.

It’s interesting that all of these revelations and accusations of violence, child abuse and pedophilia coincided with the time of the pope’s resignation, when the people closest to him were being investigated and looked into, and at a time where it was becoming clear that child abuse within the Vatican is just a mere ‘conspiracy theory.’

Perhaps the most recent, is the case of approximately 600 members of a Catholic boys’ Domspatzen choir in Regensburg, Germany, where physical and sexual abuse ruled from 1945 to 1992. Georg Ratzinger, former Pope Benedict’s brother, was the choir’s head from 1964 to 1994.

In 2015, a lawyer by the name of Ulrich Weber was tasked with filing a report on what happened, and uncovered the startling fact that during the 30 years that the choir was run by Benedict XVI’s elder brother, approximately 600 boys with a “high degree of plausibility” were victims of sexual and physical abuse, or both.

The report identified 500 cases of physical abuse, and 67 cases of sexual abuse committed by a total of 49 people in a position of power.

CBC News reports:

“At the choir’s preschool, “violence, fear and helplessness dominated” and “violence was an everyday method,” it said. “The whole system of education was oriented toward top musical achievements and the choir’s success, “the report said.”

“Alongside individual motives, institutional motives – namely, breaking the will of the children with the aim of maximum discipline and dedication – formed the basis for violence.” (source)

The report implicated the pope’s brother for “looking away” and “failing to intervene.” It’s not far fetched to believe that he was actually involved, and perhaps this mounting pressure was the reason for Benedict’s early retirement, and shifted attention away from them and onto Pope Francis.

Ratzinger did not admit anything, except for slapping pupils after he took over the choir, and that these types of punishments and discipline were commonplace in Germany at the time.

“He also said he was aware of allegations of physical abuse at the elementary school and did nothing about it, but he was not aware of sexual abuse.”

Most people reading this who have investigated elite level child abuse will find it hard to believe that Ratzinger was not heavily involved.

Child abuse, murder, organ harvesting and more are a few of many rumours that plague the vatican, and it’s almost, literally, unbelievable to fathom that these types of things may actually be going on, and yet a large portion of the world looks to, not only them, but the entire political establishment to represent and guide them.

The Vatican has announced plans to offer victims ‘compensation’ between 5,000 and 20,000 euros each by the end of this year, but there is no way to compensate for what’s been done, and it’s erie to think about how much as gone unreported, and the gruesome, horrifying details that may be involved.

Where does all of this stem from? Most likely, in my opinion, from the fact that these “leaders” went through the same thing as children, and believe it to be perfectly normal.

By Arjun Walia, Guest writer




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The Q-Book: Q-Anon Summary & Online Reference

For those of us trying to catch up or keep up with the Q-Anon or Q Clearance Patriot team posts on 4Chan/POL/, here is a link to a 79-page book on Google Docs that contains all the known Q posts thus far. It’s a great reference tool for those of us who want to go back and review older posts for our research.

There is a great introduction in the Q-Book and it will be a huge help to those who aren’t quite sure what this is all about, along with a timeline of events that have unfolded recently with respect to Q’s leaks.  Thanks, B.  ~ BP



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GEORGE SOROS: The Back Story No One Talks About

GEORGE SOROS: The Back Story No One Talks About

Editor’s Note:

Many folks incorrectly believe that George Soros is a lone ranger out there doing his own “ordo ab chao” routine to recreate the world to his liking. That’s called playing God, incidentally, and it never ends well for the bad actors who try it.  Soros: Evil Economic Warlord, God Wannabe, Or Both?

That Soros is a criminally insane psychopath is not in dispute.  However, no one individual is ever permitted to inflict such profound and pervasive damage to Western civilization, which Soros has done for decades, unless they have been empowered to do so.  In other words, just like all the other nation builders and destroyers over the millennia, Soros has been enabled in all of his highly misguided enterprises.

The operative word here is “misguided”.  Because Soros has many causes and missions, all of which require vast amounts of funding, he was fastidiously cultivated to be a financier (one of many) for the New World Order agenda (NWO).  Toward that end, it is the Rothschild banking clan that deputized George Soros to be their chief bagman. The Inside Story on George Soros

Here’s how the Rohschilds set up Soros to be their financial hitman.  As one of “the world’s premier currency speculators”[1], Soros was provided insider information that allowed him to make a billion dollars by shorting the British pound in September 0f 1992.  Known as Black Wednesday, Soros is attributed with breaking the Bank of England with this single stroke of financial genius … … … genius that only the Rothschilds could confer upon him.

Senator John McCain’s Hidden Connection to George Soros and Evelyn de Rothschild (Video)

Let’s face it: no one loots the Bank of England and gets away with it; unless they are assigned the task.  In this way, Soros has been used by his masters (and there are many) to be the financial face of the cataclysmic NWO agenda.

As far as the other levels of leadership that stretch way above George Soros’s pay grade, they, too, use him to take full blame for so many misbegotten social engineering endeavors and catastrophic geopolitical ventures.  That’s why he set up the Quantum Fund in the first place; so that his coffers could be systematically filled.  The funds could then be disbursed to the many pet projects that Soros has established in the form of NGOs.  There are, in fact, so many Soros-funded NGOs that they are quite difficult to keep track of.  Which is why he recently did this: We mustn’t forget this wily and portentous move by George Soros!

In light of these self-evident revelations, the following simple exposé will be easy to understand.  It also explains why Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War.

State of the Nation
November 14, 2017

N.B. The following breakdown of George Soros’s MO was emailed to SOTN and is distinguished by its simple yet accurate analysis (which few have ever conducted).  The author deserves recognition for her keen sleuthing and penetrating insights.


This is short, right to the key point, 15 minute video.  Well worth your time to watch, and pass along to everyone you know.

History of George Soros

My notes:

Soros, a Hunagarian Jew, worked for the Nazi’s during WW2……never regretted that to this day. Message? No conscience.

Soros is a footman of the Rothschilds. He was trained and financed and set up by the Rothschilds. Rothschilds is the Puppet Master of Soros.

Initial meetings to create one currency in Europe were HELD ON QUEEN ELIZABETH 2’s Yacht in 1992. Anyone see a connection here? Yes, the Rothschilds and the Royals are thick as THIEVES! …. as in “same team”…..working together. Of course they didn’t want the British Pound to be subject to their own manipulation nonsense, so they pulled the British Pound out of the Euro at the last minute. But that was ALWAYS the plan.

Remember the “The sun never SET on the British Empire”! That was the UK motto in the late 1800’s and going into the 1900’s. Upset: WW2 President Roosevelt agreed to help out the beleaguered Brits against Hitler/Nazism, but ONLY on the Condition that the UK give up their EMPIRE (Colonialism for profit while enslaving third world countries). OK, WW2 is won, everyone is happy,…….or…..are they? UK, is smarting from the loss of free money from their enslaved nations. Ouch. WW2 victory, a bitter-sweet victory.

Fast forward to the above where the UK is deeply involved in FOISTING GLOBALISM upon the entire world, and GUESS who was PLANNED to be at the HEAD? Yours truly, the UK Royal family. Why the Brits still live under this archaic monarchy of completely dysfunctional psychopaths who believe the world really does belong to them, and to them alone, is beyond comprehension. Yet the dumbed down Brits still bow and scrape to them. That’s their problem, let’s not make it ours. The UK wants the U.S. back again! They still believe we belong them! (Delusional, I know.)

Soros is a PAWN. He represents the Bank of England, the Rothschild’s Central Bank!

So think about it. Think about Soros funding Hellary, Obummer, and Antifa Civil Unrest…….and replace this pawn with the real face of WHO we have been really fighting: Rothschilds/UK Royal Family, who want to once again dominate the whole world.

Think about it, Soros is the one who has been destroying Western Civilization by importing Islamic maniacs still living in the 5th century into Europe. Sweden is his poster child of national destruction. Why? Simple: age-old strategy “Divide and then conquer”. Also known as Divide and Rule. Europe is a total mess right now, with their stupid sold-out globalist leaders selling them out left and right. Create a mess and then offer to clean it up UNDER TOTAL CONTROL OF GLOBALIST LEADERS, GLOBALIST MILITARY, GLOBAL CURRENCY, etc.

I’m sure Trump knows all this. So when Trump leaks that next on the scaffolding is the U.S. Federal Reserve (The Rothschild’s Private Bank), he is also talking about the UK Royal Family being ousted, too. These people are NOT going to go down without a fight. So be prepared for anything, but know that Trump is on our side, he has successfully out-foxed the whole global elite thus far, I don’t think he would have allowed all these deliberate leaks to US, if he didn’t know that he was about to say “CHECKMATE”! Game over, and We the People, Thanks to Trump and God, WON!

This is HISTORY in the making that we are witnessing right now! Be prepared for all kinds of shenanigans until this is over, (it’s always darkest before the dawn) be careful, don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk, Cover the Trump Team in 24/7 Prayer and as we are encouraged to do, get out the popcorn and watch all this go down!

Who would have thought even 4 months ago we would ever see Hellary and McCain in GPS ankle bracelets this month?

Trump has out-foxed them all! Well, he had help. The U.S. Military Intelligence group were on to all the stuff years ago, that we are just finding out now. They were waiting for the right time. The Trump presidency was the lynchpin, the “change agent” and they have gone into play.

Popcorn anyone?



This article (GEORGE SOROS: The Back Story No One Talks About) was originally created and published by State of the Nation and is republished here under “Fair Use” (see disclaimer below) with attribution State of the Nation.




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