Total Eclipse Bombshell That Everyone Missed [video]

This is a startling analysis of the approaching total solar eclipse, or Great American Eclipse—and perhaps explains why it is so lauded and perhaps at least a portion of the potential importance for our current reality.

The historic, metaphysical, esoteric and physical implications of the numbers, etc. are fascinating. It also reminds me of one of my favourite movies: City of Angels with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage. We are learning more and more that myths and legends are rooted in fact.

It seems like little is simply about coincidences. What DOES happen by accident?  ~ BP



Total Eclipse Bombshell That Everyone Missed | 33rd Degree Fallen Angel Love Story


Published on Aug 6, 2017

The eclipse on the 233rd day of the year will exit the US at 33 degrees, the same parallel where 200 fallen angels entered the earthly dimension at Mt Hermon. The eclipse also enters the US in the 33rd state, OREGON! We now know what the total eclipse of the heart really means. The mixing of the fallen angel bloodline with humans. Georgia may be in for a show.

Bonnie Tyler (not her birth name), singer of “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, was born on the 33rd anniversary of the total solar eclipse of 6/8/1918, the last time an eclipse went from coast-to-coast in the United States.



via Total Eclipse Bombshell That Everyone Missed | Starship Earth: The Big Picture


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