The Deep State’s Top 5 False Flag Options Designed to Destroy the US


The Deep State needs a game-changer. This means they need a false flag, or a series of false flags in order to take over and impose martial law for our “safety”.

After much deliberation, I developed a rank-ordered list of the five mostly likely false flag events.

False Flag Scenarios

There are many candidates, therefore, I have chosen what I feel are the most likely.

  1. Man-made “natural disaster.  At one time, I would not have listed this as number one, but with the advent of the Oroville Dam crisis, this is my choice as number one. When, not if, the Oroville Dam goes, 2.5 million people are at immediate risk. Also, the number two rice producing area in the world would be gone as would the number one winter vegetable crop.  This is a trigger for a famine, not just in the US, but across the planet. Additionally, 25% of all retail comes out of California. If the Oroville Dam gives way, the transportation pathways out of California, would be underwater. The American economy would collapse within a few days. There is one more stunning development according to Paul Preston. On Sunday night, Paul will be on The Common Sense Show to describe the well-placed tactical nukes that are under the dam.  This is the number one choice for a false flag event that will initially bring the country to its knees.
  2. Chemical and/or Biological. Nearly 4.5 years ago, I had a very good friend who was in FEMA who early-retired along with several FEMA and DHS colleagues and they had been secretly forming their own getaway facility in lieu of what was coming. My friend told me that if the shadow government, now called the Deep State, could not make the country the way that they wanted it to be, they would likely launch a chemical/biologic attack. In October of 2012, he told me that America was ready for a populist movement and this could trigger the attack. This was more than 3 years before Donald Trump’s announcement he was running for President. Finally, he felt that a 90% mortality goal would be be the goal. I first reported these facts on the CSS in December of 2012.
  3. Cyber attack attack upon the Grid. In a total grid down scenario, the Naval War College has stated that their studies predict a 90% mortality rate within the first two years. The initial cause of death would be starvation and local armed conflicts. In major cities, disease would become a primary threat as well. However, the biggest killer would quickly become water-borne illnesses that would be present because finding uncontaminated water would be challenging because the water filtration systems are electrically powered. Please note that most of these false flag scenarios have projected mortality rates of 90%. When we read the depopulation desires of the elite (eg Ted Turner), this matches the desired 90% depopulation rate. A cyber attack upon the grid is more preferable to the elite than an EMP attack because it achieves the same, but the recovery rate would be much faster after the collapse of the country, along with the high depopulation rate would be achieved.
  4. Cyber attack upon the banks and the Stock Market. If number three happens, it is likely that number four will happen simultaneously.  A grid down scenario and and a similar attack upon the financial structure of the country would result in a total collapse of the country. Both state and federal governments would fail. The country would devolve into a series of war lords waging regional wars for control over resources. Those who control food and water would win, at least temporarily.  This scenario would make America vulnerable to takeover by UN Peacekeeper and we would become an occupied land. The death rate is hard to calculate in this scenario but I believe it would approach 90%.
  5. Presidential assassination of illegitimate coup which would remove Donald Trump from office. Parallel to this possibility is the fact that several Soros-based organizations are promoting as much chaos in America as possible. We just entered into a planned set of protests, in the next 30 days, in which major protests are planned across in America in as many as 140 cities. A coup, or assassination against Trump could trigger unrest that would spread like a wildfire because of Soros pre-revolutionary work.


Please note that a nuclear false flag and/or an EMP attack did not make the top five because they would make the country uninhabitable. There is too much wealth available to the elite to totally destroy the country when removing the government and the majority of the people can be achieved without destroying infrastructure.

There is one inescapable conclusion, America has been targeted for extinction with a very dramatic loss of life. The CIA front group, Deagel is projecting these cataclysmic changes will occur by 2024. I think it is will be much sooner given the vulnerability of the Deep State, they are like a wounded animal and they will soon lash out if they are unable to escape the extreme exposure that they are currently going through.

In the next part of this series, I will discuss preparation for these scenarios. Many “fools” have stopped prepping. These people are increasing their chances that they will be victims. The purpose of the next part in this series is to increase the odds of individual survival.


via The Deep State’s Top 5 False Flag Options Designed to Destroy the US – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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