Attorneys for Wikileaks Claim New Laura Poitras’ Wikileaks Film “Places Clients in Legal Jeopardy”

Attorneys for Wikileaks have written an op-ed at Newsweek which accuses filmmaker Laura Poitras of putting Wikileaks and its staff at legal risk because of the way she used material in a new film she has produced.

Below is the trailer for the film titled “Risk.”

“The film serves to undermine WikiLeaks just as the Trump administration has announced that it intends to prosecute its journalists, editors and associates,” writes attorneys Margaret Ratner Kunstler, Deborah Hrbek, Renata Avila and Melinda Tayor.  “Our first issue with Risk is that the film was edited in New York, where the raw footage can more easily be seized by the U.S. government. By moving the editing location from Berlin to the U.S., Poitras has endangered our clients and reneged on written agreements with WikiLeaks that explicitly forbid her from editing the footage in the United States.”

The team of attorney claims that Poitras “violated her unambiguous promise to the subjects of the film that they would have an opportunity to review the film in advance and request changes, and that they could decline to appear if they or their lawyers felt that the movie put them at risk.”

They go on to allege that Poitras used footage of particular subject even though she had been expressly told to leave them out.

Had the filmmaker not agreed to these express conditions, WikiLeaks’ staff would not have allowed themselves to be filmed in the first place. Despite repeated requests, neither the subjects of the film nor their attorneys were granted a prior viewing of the film that Poitras intended to release in the U.S.

Prior to its initial U.S. release, seven of the participants submitted non-consent forms to the producers advising Poitras and her team that they did not want to appear in the film. Regardless, Poitras went ahead and released it.

They then wrote that the film that Assange and his counsel viewed at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London was a completely different version of the film shown in theaters, which prevented Assange from signing off on the agreement with Poitras.

“The film viewed in the Embassy just one month prior to its U.S. release was shorn of all narration and omitted numerous new scenes, significantly changing its tenor,” the attorneys wrote.  “That the “real” film contained these elements was concealed, preventing Assange from exercising his contractual rights.”

“Prior to its initial U.S. release, seven of the participants submitted non-consent forms to the producers advising Poitras and her team that they did not want to appear in the film,” they added.  “Regardless, Poitras went ahead and released it.”

The attorneys wanted to make it clear that they were not engaging in censorship.  Rather, their concern is over safety and professionalism.

“It is about protecting journalistic sources,” the attorneys wrote.  “It is about personal and professional integrity, and honoring contractual obligations.”

The team of attorneys also expressed concern over the “way the focus of the film has been radically altered from a broadly sympathetic portrayal of WikiLeaks’ work and the attacks against its staff by the U.S. government to an ill-defined indictment of the ‘culture of sexism’ online. ”

“The difficulty we have with Poitras’s film is that she foregrounds this issue to the exclusion of others, thereby undermining WikiLeaks’ popular and political support at the very moment that it faces serious aggression from the Trump administration,” the attorneys write.  “To convince the audience of her point about the prevalence of sexism, Poitras has marginalized and demeaned a number of women who work for WikiLeaks, choosing instead to give men most of the airtime and leaving scenes depicting the significant contributions of the women WikiLeaks journalists on the cutting room floor.”

“In their place, we now see an intense focus on women taking instructions and throwing off adoring looks,” they added.  “Sarah Harrison, for example, a brilliant journalist and winner of the Willy Brandt prize for ‘exceptional political courage,’ who at considerable personal risk helped Edward Snowden obtain political asylum, and who was accurately portrayed as having a central role in WikiLeaks work in the Cannes version, is now depicted as little more than a minion.”

It’s not quite clear why the change in the film occurred the way it did.

“The reason for the shift seems to be contained in the newly added voiceover, in which Poitras divulges that she was involved in an intimate relationship with one of the film’s primary subjects, award-winning journalist Jacob Appelbaum,” the attorneys write.

However, after the Cannes film festival, she was criticized for being overly sympathetic to Wikileaks.  She failed to disclose the nature of their relationship and said, “I thought I could ignore the contradictions. I thought they were not part of the story. I was so wrong. They’re becoming the story.”

This lead the attorneys to say that if sexism was a part of the story, it was purely the fault of Poitras for focusing on it.

“Instead of providing us with a more objective portrayal of her subject matter, she has re-framed her story to turn Risk into a film by Laura Poitras about Laura Poitras; a rather late coming-of-age story about the filmmaker discovering that there is sexism in her social and professional circles, the attorneys wrote.  “Instead of a documentary about the abuse of state power and WikiLeaks’ important role in exposing it, the emphasis of the film is now to highlight hotly disputed claims about an ex-boyfriend.”

“Why choose this moment in history, when First Amendment and other fundamental rights are under attack, to undermine the credibility of an organization dedicated to government transparency and freedom of the press?” the attorneys ask.

Meanwhile, Team Trump forge ahead with charges under the US Espionage Act of 1917, which carry heavy penalties for Wikileaks.

They then conclude, “Risk might win attention for Poitras by pandering to tabloid narratives about its subjects, but it has done a great disservice to her fellow documentarians, and has profoundly betrayed her friends, her colleagues and her journalistic integrity.”

Indeed, one probably should follow Ms. Poitras’ bank account in this matter and see where it leads. Then, and only then, will Wikileaks and their attorneys find the real reason behind her betrayal of their work.

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10 Celebrities Killed By the Ruling Elite for Exposing the Global Conspiracy?

10 Celebrities Killed By the Ruling Elite for Exposing the Global Conspiracy?

-By Paul A Philips

It has been alleged that a number of celebrities have been killed for speaking out against the world’s ruling elite. Known as the illuminati the world’s ruling elite meet in secret societies where they orchestrate their world control over the banks, major corporations, the politicians, the war machine… etc for global domination and the New World Order one world government.

They control the entertainment industry and the price for fame not only demands certain ritual blood sacrifices to prove worthiness, but also remain silent on the organization’s existence. Some celebrities over the years however, had not remained silent and it has been said that they were killed by the ruling elite’s agents for exposing the global conspiracy.

-So here are 10 examples of celebrities said to have been killed by the ruling elite for exposing the global conspiracy.

1. George Carlin

The Inimitable George Carlin used his stand-up comedy routine to expose the ruling elite and their associates’ lies, disinformation and tyranny. For example, he exposed oppressive governments. Way ahead if his time, but allegedly he was killed as a consequence.



2. John Lennon

John Lennon spoke out against the ruling elite on a number of levels, including the evils connected to the entertainments industry. He was under surveillance by the FBI…  He had befriended and funded a number of individuals labelled as ‘subversives’ who were regarded as political enemies by concerned governmental agents for the ruling elite.

His untimely end in December 8th 1980 was caused by Mark Chapman shooting him dead (incidentally, the Beatles song John wrote called “Come Together” recorded in 1969 has his vocals repeating the words ‘shoot me…’). The official story claimed that Chapman was a crazed fan, but this account does not add up. It has been said that Chapman was a mind controlled assassin.

-John’s wife Yoko and son Sean are convinced that his killing involved the ruling elite…


3. Michael Jackson

In only a matter of days before his comeback concert tour Michael Jackson died in June 25, 2009. Not wanting to be part of the illuminati Michael claimed that there was a plan in operation to defame him with false allegations related to molesting children and that he was a freak… He had planned to speak out against the illuminati and their evil machinations in the music industry and expose much more.

-Speaking of her brother Michael, La Toya Jackson has been known on a number of occasions to insist that “they were trying to kill him.”



4. Royal Princess Diana

The British royal family are major players in the ruling elite. Much loved Princess Diana’s separation from Husband Prince Charles was a source of embarrassment for the royal family.  Lady Diana was known to have made comments in earnest on the royals that “they were not human” and calling the Windsors “lizards” or “the reptiles” as referenced in David Icke’s book The Biggest Secret.

The claim was that her death had been a ritual sacrifice handled by the SAS with solid evidence to prove it. Mohamed-Al-Fayed is convinced that his son Dodi Al-Fayed (Di’s lover) besides Lady Di was killed and the royal family had organized it.



5. Jimi Hendrix

The US government had called Jimi a “subversive. “ He was known for making comments regarding his fear of dying before he would reach 30 years old. For example, he told film director Chuck Wein “The next time I go to Seattle will be in a pine box” only 2 months before his death.

He choked on his own vomit on September 18th 1970 aged 27 years.



6. Whitney Houston

Addicted to drugs and no longer able to sing the way she used to Whitney was considered redundant from the illuminati controlled record industry. It’s said that she was killed the day before the 2012 Grammy awards.

Done away with in a bathtub as a blood sacrificial ritualistic murder at the Hotel where the awards party had been planned it came as no surprise that her officially un-established death at the time was used to promote the Grammy’s ceremony causing the TV ratings to rocket sky-high…

Not just for TV ratings, the timing of her murder was said to be further connected: Occult connected. -She was born on the 9th of August and died in February 11th. The figures 9-11 are a code commonly used in human sacrificial rituals. Further, she was killed on a Saturday (blood sacrifice on the Sabbath) precisely 7 days before High Priestess Madonna said to have performed a ‘blood sacrifice’ ritual at the Hollywood Bowl.

– I encourage readers to do their own research but when it comes to a celeb death in suspicious circumstances play the detective here; look for the numerology and symbolism suggesting patterns of a blood sacrifice ritual murder. For example, Princess Diana’s death was full of occult numerology and symbolism.



7. Bruce Lee

Martial arts master and film star Bruce Lee was known to have remarked that he was being followed by some kind of demon. His death was considered by some to be a blood sacrifice ritual. His untimely end came from a suspicious allergic reaction from prescribed tablets on 20th July 1973.



8. John F. Kennedy

JFK was said to have been an illuminati member, but as president decided to go against their wishes.  -Many conspiracies have used this to explain his assassination on November 22nd 1963.



9. Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa was one of a number of celebrities (as was Jimi Hendrix) with parents that had military backgrounds. A number of researchers have commented that Zappa and a number of other highly successful stars such as Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead), David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Jim Morrison… etc had come from parents who had been in the military or was with intelligence agencies such as the CIA…  connected to mind control…

In short, the hippy movement was said to be an intelligence agency directed mind control programme stemming from Laurel Canyon in California. The ruling elite want to control everything. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that they would want to control our minds and social behaviour as well as the music industry.

Zappa was considered a subversive and it was said that he was injected with a cancer giving substance one night during a gig from an unsuspecting audience member.



Celebrities killed, celeb deaths, conspiracy, Michael Jackson death, Whitney Houston death, Illuminati blood sacrifice, New Paradigm, Paul A Philips, Princess Diana’s death, New World Order
Stanley Kubrick

 Celebrities killed, celeb deaths, conspiracy, Michael Jackson death, Whitney Houston death, Illuminati blood sacrifice, New Paradigm, Paul A Philips, Princess Diana’s death, New World Order

10. Stanley Kubrick

Wild conspiracy theory, or not, was Stanley Kubrick killed for revealing to much about the ruling elite and their connections to dark occult practices through his last film “Eyes Wide Shut?”

Was he given a drug to fake his heart disease? He died of heart disease but there was no evidence to show a history of related ailments, as commented by his wife, and was he deemed healthy.


It is the author’s intention to encourage enquiry into the above allegations and not blindly accept the claims.

For example, does it mean anything that there is a pattern occurring where in many cases of these suspicious deaths the troubled celebrity is in the limelight with a new album, major tour or film… but dies just before or during its release, coincidently serving as a promotion..? Was it also premeditated as part of the ruling elite’s crazy blood ritual sacrifice?

Further, the official reports on the celeb’s cause of death in a number of cases have been unclear… Then there are those contradictory findings embroiled in the circumstances running up to the death…

Above all, the see the big picture as a consequence of having read this piece: That there world is run by a relative handful of wealthy controllers and to realize the length and breadth of their covert (as well as overt) suppression and how it affects you.

-Be discerning at all times.


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7 Ways to protect yourself from the Ruling Elite’s World Depopulation Agenda

7 Ways to protect yourself from the Ruling Elite’s World Depopulation Agenda

-By Paul A Philips

The dark side, the world’s ruling elite (and many associates) are lost beings. They have lost their way from what is honest, decent and just: A number of us know that in their quest for total domination there is a secret world depopulation agenda in operation.

The overwhelming evidence for this: Documented facts, whistleblower testimony, bombshell quotes on record like those from Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Bill Gates … can only serve as a cue for you to take certain necessary counter-measures.

-Remember, the price of ignorance could be death.

In light of this, in these unpredictable or even tempestuous times to come, here are 7 ways to protect you and your loved ones from the ruling elite’s world depopulation agenda:

1. Stay vigilant

Watch the ruling elite and their associates like a hawk, especially certain key people making the major decisions. Learn to discern their hidden ulterior motives tied in to the planned depopulation agenda. For examples, watch out for their false flag diseases, forced medications, fake wars for profit… Remember, the elite want significant world depopulation because:

*A smaller world population would be easier to monitor, manipulate and control

*Be easier to overawe, keep dumbed down, docile and sick…

*Prevent overthrow from an overwhelming number of consciously awakened individuals taking action against their control system

2. Prepare

When the ruling elite operate on the principle ‘order out of chaos’ who knows what could happen. There could be a fake alien invasion, severe money shortages from a manufactured financial collapse, secret weaponized weather modification attacks such as that from HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research Project), bio-warfare, or World War 3… -Be prepared where you can to survive the worst case scenarios.

For the survival of you and your loved ones, discernment, self-sufficiency and unity are keys: Educate yourself on survival. Make sure to have a long-term availability of food, water, backup power sources, DIY tools, first aid, a money supply or a stock of items that could be bartered such as precious metals, build supporting communities… -Hopefully, these things could enable survival in the weeks before some state of normality returns.

3. Maintain a healthy immune system

The elite are overseeing their world depopulation agenda by the long-term gradual weakening of our immune systems, leading to fatal diseases. They’re doing it through their poisonous and addictive medicine (some have given rise to increased suicides), and poisoning our food, water, land and air.

-To not be the affect of this onslaught, it is therefore vitally necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. Drink good clean water, eat a healthy diet of organic food, get regular sunlight, provide a natural and nourishing environment, exercise frequently, avoid toxicity where you can, detoxify, sleep well and try to maintain a state of well being.

This video clip featuring an impassioned and inspiring David Icke nicely summarizes:

4. Chose to live naturally

Following on, evidence has shown us that the healthiest groups and populations are those who live naturally. For examples, there have been a number of studies on isolated indigenous tribes throughout the world such as the Hunzas tribe at the foothills of the Himalayas. Living naturally in a toxin-free natural farm food environment, absent from the spoils of the Western World, there had been no mental or physical disease. Another example of excellent health through living naturally in an isolated culture is the Amish people.

-Some people believe that the future of food will exist in small organic gardening and farming communities.

5. Refuse to co-operate

People’s mass refusal to co-operate is the key to preventing the ruling elite’s world depopulation agenda. For example, forced healthcare (sick care) such as the toxic vaccination programme would not work if there was an overwhelming mass refusal.

Say no to joining the military: Don’t be duped into becoming a death statistic, through fighting in one of the elite’s fake wars. -All the major wars and their reasons for fighting were based on false pretences, as they had been secretly manufactured by the ruling elite for power, profit and political gains.

6. Become an activist

If somehow there will come a time when the elite’s parasitic power structures would have collapsed and we get to not only survive but thrive as a race, then activism would indeed have played a vital part.

Manipulation will never beat true benevolence: Becoming part of the successful team of peaceful activists involved in the co-creation of a new planetary experience through an evolved humanity means having to chose the ‘service to others’ pathway as opposed to the ‘service to self’ pathway taken by the ruling elite and their associates.

Are you a peaceful activist? Are you: 1. spreading the word to others on what’s really happening in the world? 2. Doing your inner work and 3. Doing 1 and 2 peacefully for the new paradigm experience to manifest?

7. Don’t get overwhelmed

During challenging times, don’t become the affect of the circumstances. Instead of going into a drama, create an empowering way of being whereby you control the circumstances. –This may sound like something that’s easier said than done, but the answer is to simply choose it to maintain stability.

Final thoughts

Indirectly, depopulation also involves circumstances where having children is no longer an option: For example, unlike earlier years, many modern day couples cannot afford to have children, as they are up to their necks in debt through student loans and sky-high mortgages. Then there are the rising cases of infertility, caused by for example, the potentially harmful EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) such as WI-Fi and their applications…

However, just because the dark side have dark plans it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will manifest. Indeed, the human race has shown to be quite remarkable during adversity. Adaptability and innovation have been (and will continue to be) the keys…  

Will the onslaught of adversity serve as a massive wakeup call for the people? As a consequence, will the people go on to take back their rightful ownership of the world..?


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DARPA Genetically Modified Humans for a Super Soldier Army


DARPA Genetically Modified Humans for a Super Soldier Army

-By Paul A Philips

You’ve seen it as science-fiction on TV or in the movies, but now it’s science-fact. I’m talking about the Pentagon’s DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) creation of a super soldier army with super human abilities achieved through genetic modification. Going on for some years, shrouded in secrecy, these mutants will make future wars totally different games.

The genetic modification of specific human genes will give these soldiers certain characteristics advantageous on the battlefield, giving rise to the most amazing abilities and performances.

Smarter, sharper, more focussed and more physically stronger than their enemy counterparts these soldiers will be capable of telepathy, run faster than Olympic champions, lift up record-breaking weights through the development of exoskeletons, re-grow  limbs lost in combat, possess a super-strong immune system, go for days and days without food or sleep…

Then there’s the emotional side. These soldiers will have the empathy genes deleted and show no mercy, while devoid of fear… Even more disturbingly, the “Human Assisted Neutral Devices program” involving brain controlling allows the ‘joystick’ remote operation of soldiers from some far away control centre.

–All this has been revealed, even in mainstream media. In spite of the secrecy fiction writer Simon Conway was allowed into the Pentagon’s DARPA and given a guided tour… Doesn’t this suggest that DARPA are well into the final stages and they want us to get use to the idea of a genetically modified super soldier army?


The type of super human characteristics that have been developed (or in the development stages) in the soldiers is indicated by funding allocations. For example, DARPA has handed out a $40 million grant to California and Pennsylvania Universities to develop memory-controlling implants.

It has also been revealed that DARPA awarded $9.9 million to the Institute for Preclinical Studies Texas A and M University to develop a means of surviving significant blood loss. This would overcome the normal difficulties in requiring life-saving medical treatment immediately after combat injury which is known to be difficult to give during the complications and dangers encountered on the battle field.

Another characteristic in development is having the soldiers genetically modified to hibernate throughout winter. There is a gene in squirrels that produces an enzyme in the pancreas which enables this ability. This gene can be taken from the squirrel and inserted into solders…



Summary… some serious points to consider

1. It has to be remembered that wars are secretly manufactured for power, profit and political gain. So all the massive funding gone into these projects only goes into supporting false pretexts created by the powers that be for their own selfish means to an end...regardless of the consequences. There’s never enough money for humanity but a blank cheque for war…

2. As history has shown us any advantage created will sooner or later be matched by the enemy. Human genetic modification technology for military advantages shouldn’t be any different and will be matched as a response by the enemy after their realization that the technology exists. Indeed, this in effect cancels out any advantages as in the historic case of the nuclear alms race with the political super powers.


3. Are we humans next? Will the genetic modification technology extend into civilians? Rather than give us anything to our advantage will it be used for dumbing down and control in a scientific dictatorship? What about those memory-controlling implants mentioned?

Consider the sinister implications: Remember the Arnold Schwarzenegger film ‘Total Recall’ involving false memory implants?

4. When it comes to genetic modification there’s always the dangers related to tinkering with life: What about the long-term consequences and the spread of these genes over generations?

What about the potential irreversible damages as in those related to the trans-humanist agenda..?  As Geoffrey Ling DARPA director at the Technologies Office said to Agence France PresseIt is risky…”   -Well, he should know!

5. Last but not least there are the ethical considerations…What will be the humanitarian cost? Could this by design lead us to the road to Hell?


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Bilderberg Discussion Paper: Some Implications of the World Company

The following document is part of a series of Bilderberg documents obtained from academic institutions, diplomatic libraries and legal archives spanning a large portion of the group’s history.


Some Implications of the World Company by George W. Ball

Page Count: 14 pages
Date: April 1968
Restriction: Confidential
Originating Organization: Bilderberg Group
File Type: pdf
File Size: 11,121,187 bytes
File Hash (SHA-256): BD0BF86CEDAC332BF4C75788E82885EC09AEEB6D67EC13FD9FBCAF892A49D369

Download File



I propose to approach the subject of the “internationalization of business” by considering what I shall arbitrarily call the “world company.” This terminology seems to me more descriptive and less awkward than such expressions as the “international” or “multinational” corporation or company.

A “world company, ” as I use the term, is a corporation, organized under the laws of a domiciliary country, that characteristically engages in some industrial activity or activities and that meets two standards:

First, it does business all over the world – or at least in substantially all non-Communist areas – obtaining its capital and procuring its raw materials wherever they are available under the most advantageous conditions, producing wherever its goods can be most efficiently manufactured, and selling its products in all the markets of the world; and

Second, the management of the world company shapes its policies not in terms of national economies but of the overall world economy. As thus defined. the world company is perhaps more archetypal than real, but more and more corporations are approaching the prescribed standards and there will be even more tomorrow, since the evolution of the world company responds to needs that are every day becoming more acute. At a time when the demand for goods of every kind ts multiplying almost at a geometric rate while world resources remain finite, we must find the means to use those resources with a maximum of efficiency and a minimum of waste or face a Malthusian debate on a global scale. It is to this end that the world company makes its unique contribution, by enabling
men for the first time in history to deploy resources freely throughout the world in accordance with principles of comparative advantage measured by the objective standard of profit.

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How To Prevent Your Government From Victimizing You



By Paul A. Philips

Although the globalists’ New World Order agenda has ramped up to a furious pace in recent years, there are indicators that their stranglehold on humanity is declining, as people continue to wake up. However, because the globalists are now more hell-bent than ever in their quest to consolidate their NWO takeover, there has never been a greater time than now to get savvy on how to prevent the system from victimizing you.

The globalists regard the human population as their enemy: A number of us know that for complete world domination they’re using their owned and controlled illegitimate governments (posing as legitimate) to enforce worldwide totalitarian control. And, remember, their objectives include a world depopulation agenda, which could make you a target….

Taking the U.S.A. as an example, the globalists are using this country’s government to target and victimize its fellow citizens. They’re doing it, for instance, through criminal governmental agencies such as NASA, the CIA and DARPA, who covertly use advanced sinister technologies as weaponry.

These sinister technologies include energy weapons. These hi-tech energy weapons produce invisible electromagnetic energy beams on targeted individuals, causing physical or mental behavioural problems as a manipulative means to an end…  For example, it has been recently reported that DARPA is using warfare technology on unsuspecting civilians for mass mind control: By using invisible energy waves, the governmental agency’s perpetrators leave no ‘fingerprints’ behind, after their crimes have been committed. A classic case of plausible deniability may then follow….

In terms of putting up a resistance to all this; the idea that there’s ‘more of us than them’ is of course true, but their technologies are capable of handling us in high numbers:  In The Truman Show, the movie was about how an illusion had been designed for people’s entertainment. The globalists have designed an illusion for controlling us into becoming a dehumanized race, demanding that we show total obedience to the system. A number of us may not survive unless we find out how we can protect ourselves (more on this later).

Then, as a contrast to these technologies, other forms of victimization include harsh policing, increasing fake terrorism, biowarfare, deliberate relaxed border control allowing high immigrant influxes causing soaring crime rates … and then there’s fear mongering through ‘journo-terrorism…’  

What you need to do

Anger, fear or violence would indeed be futile, as these reactions would be consciousness lowering and, therefore, disempowering. To be at cause, prevent or stop your own government from victimizing you, a number of empowering actions need to be taken.

1. Revelation not Revolution

In light of the above, any attempts by the masses to overthrow their government would indeed cause much futile bloodshed. Therefore, a revelation not revolution is needed.

Thus, it is necessary to educate yourself: Discover the shocking revelations, how the globalist criminal cabal and their associates plan to destroy our humanity with their New World Order takeover.

2. Get active

Share your revelations with others; expose the nature of how the culprits victimize the populace: For instance, to raise awareness, get campaigning for new bills giving us the right to protection from these victimizing, illegal, immoral EMFs.

When we raise the awareness of our family, friends and others, who then go on to do the same thing to others, it changes the overall consciousness in the human morphogenetic field. As an awakened collective force, we can then change the course of humanity to one of transformation through conscious intention.

Victimizing, New Paradigm, alternative news, New World Order, conspiracy, mass depopulation agenda, EMF weaponization, DARPA, Warfare technology, consciousness, Paul A Philips, EMF dangers 3. Stay aware and vigilant

Using your knowledge, carefully watch out for the moves of certain key figures such as Bill Gates, George Soros, etc., and the senior puppet politicians with their criminal governmental agencies… Understand how they operate. Learn to discern their ulterior motives. Stay informed. The best way to stay informed is to follow the alternative/independent media. Don’t fall for the real fake news coming from the globalists’ propaganda machine, the mainstream media.

4. Protect yourself

Don’t make yourself a target. For instance, in certain circumstances, for your anti-NWO views you may want to keep a low profile in your campaigning where appropriate to not attract the wrong sorts….

There are some excellent websites that offer sound advice on how to physically protect yourself from EMFs and how to campaign for stopping the related human rights abuses which will be mentioned in the recommendations list to follow.

For example, this video by Jerry Day on handling ‘smart meters’ made a few years ago is now more relevant than ever.

Some recommended websites

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” – PDF download: Here

A Wake-Up Call About Electromagnetic Frequencies -By Catherine J Frompovich

Jerry Day’s website:

5G Technology: A Health Crisis Waiting to Happen

This Shungite Plate on Your Phone Will Absorb Harmful EMF Radiation

Excellent all-round website includes campaigning on stopping the related human rights abuses related weaponized EMF technology:

14 Ways to Protect You Your Family and Friends from the NWO Agenda

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site


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The New American Empire: Google’s New Propaganda Program Changes Everything


The veil is lifting. Americans are coming to grips with some paradigm shattering truths that have been carefully kept from public view. Whether the recent surge of revelations and exposés are due to the efforts of hacktivists and those long-since fighting to revive the remnants of this once great nation, or simply part of the elite agenda, one thing is certain, change is coming. Regardless, this mass-awakening collective must be led down the right path lest it be unwittingly guided into the next phase of “the plan.”

As The Last American Vagabond reported, the amendment of the Smith-Mundt Act in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013(wherein the US government was officially allowed to distribute materials produced by the State Department and Broadcasting Board of Governors inside the United States) has changed everything.

In other words, the production and distribution of propaganda by the US government to the American people, produced with the sole purpose of influencing the opinions and perceptions of Americans, regardless of its veracity, is now not only allowed, but legal. The Smith-Mundt Act prior to this amendment allowed for propagandized material to be distributed abroad; whereas it can now be used in the anti-democratic act of manipulating the voter’s perception of reality. The American people are now being confronted with an onslaught of controlled information, none of which can be taken at face value, and all of which could be fabricated propaganda created to influence Americans in “the best interest of the State,” and legally so.

Which ultimately boils down to one very important take away for the average American: Anything you watch on mainstream media, could in fact be a complete fabrication created to serve some government end by manipulating your perception of a certain topic, and this is now legal — all in the interest of “national security” of course. History has shown us, time after time, that choosing to white-wash government actions as inherently altruistic, is not only naïve and self-destructive, but exceedingly dangerous. 

For some this can be quite a hard pill to swallow. No one wants to believe that those with whom they have placed their trust would abuse that trust; no one wants to believe that the government would actively try to feed the people false information, yet regardless of one’s hopes and desires, this is in fact the current reality which has a clear historical precedent, within this country, and without.

Every American is aware that deceptive propaganda has been used by governments throughout history on foreign nations and their own people alike; and every American is aware that many nations today, albeit mostly considered “third-world,” practice the use of such deceitful control measures. So why is it that we continue to tell ourselves, “our leaders wouldn’t do that.” As resistant as most would have been four years ago to what was then seen as outrageous claims, with all that this past election cycle has dredged up, many are now singing a different tune, and are much more willing to consider what was once seen as the epitome of the “conspiracy theorist.”

As shocking as this information might be for some, it is now part of the American governmental system. Americans are now subjected to shows, commercials, and even news broadcasts that are complete and total misinformation, and this nation’s elected officials voted this into effect. There are no doubt some within the government, blinded by their own willingness to buy into the program, who have convinced themselves that manipulative propaganda used on Americans is a necessary evil of the modern world — a glaring red flag should arise when one notices how often the term “necessary evil” rears its collusive head in this political system. Even those thoroughly blinded by this lofty idea of “the greater good” must know that those leading this operation do not have the average American’s quality of life in mind.

A clear example of this policy in action, other than simply watching any mainstream news broadcast(little to no sarcasm intended) is the homeland adaptation of a Google “anti-ISIS brainwashing program” that was designed to essentially trick what was perceived to be potential jihadists or suspected ISIS sympathizers. The program targeted potential ISIS jihadis online and used what they call the “redirect” method.

Operatives scoured the meta-data of hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting and non-consenting people over two months, using about 1700 keywords. Then once they isolated what they deemed a potential ISIS hopeful, they would serve them up special ads that would look like something a jihadi would click on and entice them forward. Then, once the link was clicked, they wouldn’t see pro-ISIS content, it would be “redirected” to anti-ISIS content. The hopeful and entirely unquantifiable end result being that a person on the fence confronted with enough anti-ISIS propaganda could possible be dissuaded.

Only now, the program is being used on Americans, more specifically, “Right-Wingers.” Google feels that the first phase of the operation was successful, despite the only quantifiable reading on which to base that hypothetical success is the fact that the content was watched. There is no way to truly know whether this brainwashing effort had any positive effect; and that also fails to address the obvious moral questions that arise from such an invasive and manipulative program. Remember, these unwitting souls being hacked, spied upon, and manipulated, have not yet committed a crime.

Now this exact same program is going into effect within the US and is directed specifically at what they are calling the “violent far-right.”

“The program runners assured the Intercept that they are only going to focus on the right-wingers they think might become violent. They actually said they feel that this group acts even more brazenly online than ISIS fan-boys.” – The Resident, RT

You did read that correctly. Google is literally beginning an online political crusade to brainwash, not the far-left, but only the far-right, as well as claiming that the far-right is more dangerous to the country than those seeking to join what we now verifiably know to be the West’s cultivated “team ISIS.”

So who is the arbiter of internet browsing? Who decides when your inquisitive searching stops being interest and crosses over into terrorism. Does a journalist end up being tracked due to their constant ISIS research? Does a peacefully practicing Muslim, such as Shaquille O’neal, Dave Chapelle or Ice Cube, become targeted because their search history aligns with some arbitrary index of jihadist keywords?

Contemplation of the morality of a given path has long since been cast aside in the ruling elite’s US decision-making process. What we see today can scarcely be recognized as the same country that once inspired the world. Yet sadly, the revelation of such blatant affronts to the Constitution, or rather the revelation that one’s own government is capable of such deceptive acts, causes one to question whether this nation was ever truly a beacon for liberty and justice as all have been taught.

Within this guise of “protection” from the ISIS boogeyman, it was inadvertently demonstrated just how invasive this Internet policing has become. Let us not forget where exactly this boogeyman originated. The sole scare tactic used to justify this now 16-year war on terror is a group created and funded by western forces, primarily the US; al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, and on and on, all stem from the same money. The US war on terror has cost $5 trillion and increased terrorism by 6,500%. So either the US government is behind the largest and most expensive military blunder in the history of the planet, or there was a plan of which the American people were not privy to, of which those pulling the strings are most certainly right on track(if not a few years past their goal), and that would explain why the war on terror can be such an abysmal failure yet we continue to push forward, all the while creating actual enemies that see through the facade of forcefully “spreading democracy.”

The important concept to take home from this, other than everything you see or hear could now be fake or possibly has always been fake, is that Google, which controls much of what is seen on the Internet today, is not only taking sides but actually planting fake links to control the message and the flow of information. It is only a matter of time until this program is abused and pushed further past this company’s already stretched moral boundaries(if it is not already), as this nation’s track record with such endeavors is quite clear. This is a massive step away from the few prevailing American ideals that remain, and marks the next phase of this new American Empire.


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via The New American Empire: Google’s New Propaganda Program Changes Everything