Heads Up! Julian Assange to Appear Tomorrow on Ron Paul Liberty Report!

EXCLUSIVE! Julian Assange to Appear on Ron Paul Liberty Report


Dear Friends of the Ron Paul Institute:

Yesterday I told you we had something really special coming — one of our most important Liberty Report broadcasts to date. And boy what a show! We will have Wikileaks Founder and Editor-in-Chief as our very special guest on tomorrow’s (4/28) episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report!

Due to the technical challenges of communicating with Julian Assange as he is forced to remain in asylum inside the Embassy of Ecuador, we were forced to pre-record the program. But I can tell you that Julian is really at the top of his game. He knows exactly what he and other truth-tellers are facing from a US government that is determined to avoid transparency. He knows very well the seriousness of the threat posed by Trump Administration promises to seek his arrest and extradition to the US to, bizarrely, face charges under the Espionage Act. And he understands the First Amendment far better than CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Please don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s program at noon, eastern time, at the Ron Paul Liberty Report.




Source: Heads Up! Julian Assange to Appear Tomorrow on Ron Paul Liberty Report!

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