Clyde Lewis Tiffany Jenks Murder – this is how i learned she was illuminati – YouTube

Published on Mar 26, 2017

When Clyde Lewis and I met in the Tick tok restaurant on Aug 6th 2014 that began the story of Tiffany Jenks murder and me learning step by step of the Illuminati listen to step one in the murder. After this show i got a call from Clyde and learned of the Illuminati

A caller named Cynthia called Clyde after his show. And then he called me and said “Why didn’t you tell me she was Illuminati”

I had not one heard of or knew what that was.. my response was
“What is that” ? He told me in short that its a satanic Cult and that began the story and connection to the Illuminati…

This date is key it was the day I learned about Tiffany and her CULT Family

Tiffany’s Family has a well known connection to the RJ Reynolds Company and with a fast google search the link to the powerful elite can be drawn…

The following day i met Fritz Springmeier who in 15 minutes told me Tiffany was

A Monarch Slave for the New World Order.

This is step one Aug 6th 2014

Tiffany was killed Oct 8th 2013

11 months after she was dead….


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