Who really killed Tiffany Jenks? | Tiffany Jenks Murder – 2

This article, from last fall, details the finding of Tiffany, Oct 8, 2013, and has a good deal of background information about Tiffany and the initial investigation.

Tiffany Jenks death seemed at first an ordinary murder case and the Oregon police handled it as such. However, the case turned sinister and shrouded with mystery.

On Oct 8, 2013 at 7:00am, Tiffany Jenks, a 35-year old woman, was found dead outside the entrance of Blue Lake Park in Fairview, Oregon. She died of a gunshot wound on the forehead a few hours earlier.

Tiffany, the oldest of six children, was described by her mother as a academically, mentally, and physically gifted woman with a Bachelor’s Science Degree in physics and geology. She had worked as a hydrologist with the Bonneville Power Administration until 2012.

Her father’s death in 2010 had a devastating impact on Tiffany that caused her to struggle with drugs and alcohol. It was during this stage in her life that led her to meet Michelle Worden-Brosey and Joshua Robinette.

Michelle and Joshua had met 20 years earlier and on October 2013, they decided to get married.

On October 8, 2013 they went to to Falco’s Pub and Mystic Strip Club, located in Southeast Portland around 12 a.m. With them was Daniel Bruynell whom they met in Oakland.

As per the surveillance camera, it showed Tifanny Jenks leaving the club just after midnight of October 8th to go outside to smoke…

The Full Article May Be Found Here

Source: Who really killed Tiffany Jenks? | Tiffany Jenks Murder





There is an online petition to seek justice for Tiffany that I found, the details are below with links to sign, if you also would like to see this solved.

Ask Congress to demand FBI to review the Murder of Tiffany Jenks killed Oct 8th 2013

John Captain Portland, OR

On October the 8th 2013 Tiffany Jenks was killed in Fairview Oregon.

Police in this case did not review that Tiffany’s own therapist told her she was going to die, and that he gave her a death wish. Police the DA and the Judge refused my 50 clues. Including the phone call from Tiffany crying for help just hours before she was killed.

The Fact that she Emailed me, called me, text me, and recorded herself with her killers was of zero value to this Court.


The bottom line Tiffany Jenks was set up to die, and after I had 50 clues, and I was listed as the only witness, I was then excluded by law from telling the truth in the Courtroom. Tiffany Jenks in Oregon needs Justice, and the crooked Police need fired.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Oregon State Senate
  • Earl Blumenauer
  • Chip Shields
  • Oregon Governor
  • Trey Gowdy
  • Oregon
    Ron Wyden

John Captain

Portland, OR·Website

As the only witness in the Murder when I was excluded from Court it was not only stupid it was Illigal. Bottom line was on the list of witnesses was the 3 killers, Tiffany Jenks (who was dead) and me, who had 50 real facts to tell, yet I was excluded. Police, DA, and the Judge all 100% lied.



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