11/4: STOLEN LIFE W/ JOHN S. CAPTAIN III – Tiffany Jenks Murder

11/4: STOLEN LIFE W/ JOHN S. CAPTAIN III – Tiffany Jenks Murder

Tiffany Jenks Murder – 1

Earlier today I had an opportunity to exchange a series of messages with John S. Captain in which I was informed about this coverup and his ongoing efforts to uncover and expose this murder of Tiffany Jenks for the Illuminati Murder And Coverup that it is.

John has spent a great deal of time collecting information, investigating, and has a fairly extensive You Tube Channel and a FaceBook Page and there is an extensive Web Site devoted to this endeavor.

In his messages to me, John expressed that he is concerned about his safety and well being and stated that he feels that he is being hunted down to be killed.

This is the first part of what may turn into a short series.

The full story that I was directed to below, thanks John S. Captain for this information.


There have been times in my career where much of what I read and analyze about conspiracy theory, and organize conspiracies beats me up emotionally. The thankless job of uncovering the uncomfortable and the unbelievable opens you up for harsh ridicule.

It is a fact that today, people want to theorize there is evil acting on us behind the scenes, but when it gets too real, they want to shut it down or find ways to undermine those who fail at delicately bridging the subject to the public.

It is hard to narrow down just who is responsible for the chaos in the world. To some it appears to be generated by a highly-organized operation and to others, it appears to be fabricated and staged in order to carry out some false flag event to create hysteria.

The conspiracy if we choose to accept it, comprises of powerful people that have the intelligence and the money to win our trust and later betray it in such a matter that it is easy to give up and say this is to be expected.

It is cynical to say that conspiracy theorists have become a caricature in the world and there is a media fed narrative which will be the first to mock them with tin foil hats and derisive giggles.

Throughout history there have been criminal cabals or cults that carry out destructive missions in order to subvert and terrorize people. In the darker realms of the power structure, there has been speculation and proof of ritualistic abuses, observations of torture, human sacrifices, sexual orgies, pedophilia, rape, and murder.

They are most certainly uncomfortable to take in and a nightmare to even entertain in mixed company, but it has always been said that it appears that society seems to be run by soulless individuals and that they most certainly have skeletons in their closets dark enough to be put in a dossier and tossed on the desk of a person marked for blackmail.

When the allegations are made, they can and most certainly will be dismissed out of prejudice. Then we begin to see the straw man arguments and manufactured scapegoats created in order to be labeled as human shields for “leaders” that we assume are trustworthy.

If anyone decides to persist in trying to expose this treachery they are often slandered, forced into bankruptcy or even killed.

I hear people ask me the most morbid of questions like, “If what you are revealing is true then why haven’t you been killed?” It is almost as if they have this sick desire to see the messenger killed in order to gain credibility. Well messengers are killed at times, and when people look for answers as to why, the official word is that they commit suicide.

There are other casualties that sometimes get in the way—to the criminal element within the elite they are collateral damage, in their battle for ultimate power.

When I heard of the death of Max Spiers a chill ran through me because after reading the account of his death I realized that he got too close to the darker cabal. I searched for answers from his colleague Miles Johnston, to Diabolus Rex who with his background in occult history confirmed that what happened appeared to be a killing that utilized chaos magic and ritual in order to silence him.

It was later reported that indeed Spiers was attempting to expose black magic rituals and conspiracies related to celebrities and politicians. He was found dead in a pool of black liquid and it was reported it flowed out of him and yet it was documented that he died of natural causes.

His ex-girlfriend, Sarah Adams reported that his death could have been part of a satanic ritual, which she claims Max told her about.

She told the press that he was terrified as he wanted to leave Poland and return to the U.K.. Miles Johnston reported to Ground Zero there were times that he had allegedly died and then he was revived. Sarah Adams told the press that the Satanic cabal had given him something which had put him in a coma for two days. He felt that he was a victim of a Satanic curse.

Tales of these rituals sounded outrageous to my audience and I received numerous e-mails telling me that Miles Johnston was lying.

Diabolus Rex said he believed that perhaps Max was the victim of a tepahone attack, where a black magic death ray was used on him and that he literally was being cooked from the inside.

David Shurter author of the Rabbit Hole appeared on our show to claim that he too was a victim of Satanic ritual and he was making serious and terrifying claims about his involvement in rituals at the Bohemian Grove and went into horrifying details about his Satanic Ritual Abuse. It was so frank and horribly candid, that it alarmed my listeners.

I admit, it alarmed me too – and exhausted me emotionally.

This morning, I was alerted by some of my other listeners about a WikiLeaks cable that some news outlets had seized upon about John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.

The Washington Times reported that more e-mails provided by WikiLeaks that John Podesta and his brother were invited to a “spirit cooking” dinner which includes ritual art using bodily fluids like sperm and blood.

The dinner was being thrown by performance artist Marina Abramovic.

In the email, Abramovic writes:

“Dear Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place,” Ms. Abramovic says in a June 25 email sent at 2:35 a.m. “Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina.”

After news of Ms. Abramovic’s invitation broke on the Drudge Report this morning, the artist told Art News that she was “outraged.” This news in timely considering what we have been talking about, what Max Spiers tried to reveal and what David Shurter accused the elite of doing and that is ritualism and many people are now curious about what kind of dinner includes a blood ritual?

Two years ago, Dave Paull a veteran news reporter and I were having breakfast at a local café.

A man approached us. He was troubled and wanted to speak to anyone in the media that wanted to listen.

His story was a disjointed account of the murder of his girlfriend. The man was describing what had happened and as he was speaking I realized that his girlfriend’s murder case was a high profile case in the Portland area.

On Oct 8, 2013 at 7:00am, Tiffany Jenks, a 35-year old woman, was found dead outside the entrance of Blue Lake Park in Fairview, Oregon. She died of a gunshot wound to the head.

The man who we were speaking with was her boy friend John Captain III.


As he was speaking, it was as if I was reliving the news reports, however his story was less watered down and began to take a more paranormal turn.

The man asked me, “What does it mean when someone says they are trying to get away from those that live in the darkness?” He played for me a conversation that his girlfriend recorded where she stated having seen those who are part of the darker realms walking along side of her.

Tiffany could see beyond their disguise and she needed help to combat her addiction problems because she was noticing there were some people around her that appeared to be from a darker realm.

His girlfriend believed those entities from the darker path were using psychological warfare to break her will and they would eventually move in and kill her. The man shared with me emails she sent to him and letters she wrote apologizing to him for being addicted to drugs and alcohol and that she was being bothered by what she called, “Psychic Vampires.”

Captain told us that when he presented these strange emails and messages to the police, but they were not interested in them. He then played for me his girlfriends last words to him on the phone. It was a woman in trouble whispering, “help me I really need you.”

He said that he did not get the message in time because 10 hours later, she was found shot – her body was left in a local park.

John wanted to know if I could help him understand what was happening. He felt that there was more to the story and that the police, family members and others were covering up a dark secret about Tiffany.

He believed that Tiffany was targeted because she was according to him, mind controlled in a way that put her life in danger and others as well.

John has been pursuing and gathering information to back his claim. He even traveled to New Zealand to meet with David Icke and ask him about MK Ultra type trauma based mind control. While there was testimony stating that it was believed her life was stolen, Captain agrees, but he believes there is an even deeper cover up.

What really intrigued me is that Captain had all of these recordings of conversations that she had on her iPad. Tiffany had an obsession with recording conversations she had with people. John Captain had shared some of these recordings with me and I had to admit that a lot of them were peculiar. The topics of conversation were about death, secret meetings, aliens, and other conversations that made Tiffany sound like she lived a double life.

John shared all of the strange recordings with police and the police told him the case was closed.

Captain is still seeking answers and has left the United States.

He also informed me that he had contacted Max Spiers mother, Vanessa.

Spiers also believed that there was a cabal that glorified death. He also was investigating Lieutenant colonel Michael Aquino who is a specialist in psychological warfare and founder of the Satanic Temple of Set.

Max believed in different theories, most notably the existence of the New World Order and the MK ULTRA mind control program.

He believed that Nazis who weren’t killed or imprisoned after WWII went underground, where they joined forces with Britain and the US to continue their research into mind control.

He thought for years, he was a victim of this regime, frequently described as the Fourth Reich, and before he “woke up” at age 31, he remembered everything about mind control conditioning.

MK Ultra is based on Satanism and encourages victims to self-destruct by switching around the pain and pleasure centers. Max said he was constantly brainwashed with “Just remember, pain is pleasure, and pleasure is pain.”

There have been other MK Ultra survivors who have said that there are other triggers that were used on them like phrases from Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz.

John Captain says that Tiffany’s “new age” therapist had been using trigger words in conversations like “follow the yellow brick road” or “do not tell anyone who you are or it will make you a target”, and targets get shot at first.”

Daniel Bruynell, who admitted killing Tiffany Jenks in 2013, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. Two other people, Joshua Robinett and Michelle Worden-Brosey, helped get rid of the gun and with Bruynell’s flight from Oregon after the killing.

Bruynell testified that before he killed her, she became irrational and demanded that she be shot.

Why would she do that?

Bruynell said Robinett and Worden-Brosey congratulated him on shooting Jenks, the court documents say, and that they drove him to their motel and took him to the bus station the following morning.

The gun used in the shooting was recovered, according to police, but its identification marks had been scratched off.

Tiffany Jenks received a Bachelor’s of Science in physics and geology and a Master’s in Economics. She had worked as a physical scientist at the Bonneville Power Administration until 2012.

The whole case is shrouded in mystery and Captain is obsessed with uncovering the truth about her murder.

Source: Ground Zero » 11/4: STOLEN LIFE W/ JOHN S. CAPTAIN III

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