Donald Trump vs. ‘Liberalism,’ Round 1

The liberal era is over. The new era will see the rising of two forces in America, which will have to choose whether to clash or rise above their differences and engender a cohesive society.

A famous Chinese curse says, “May you live in interesting times.” Today it seems that we are all cursed. If anyone dreamed that after his inauguration, Donald Trump would be given half a chance to prove himself as President, that someone has now awoken. The new tactic that “liberals” employ in order to silence other views is violence and profanities—first at Berkeley University and now at NYU (Note: verbal abuse, viewer discretion is advised).

As if domestic troubles aren’t enough, the world seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of Trump’s detractors. “Thousands protest against the President in London, Australia,” and the Der Spiegel magazine cover photo shows Donald Trump holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty in one hand, and a blood stained machete in the other hand, standing in a posture of an ISIS terrorist.

Back home, the campaign against the President is targeting anyone who appears to support him. Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, quit Trump’s business advisory group because he could not cope with the pressure of the #DeleteUber campaign against his company simply because he didn’t criticize the President harshly enough. The President’s actual supporters are also receiving unexpected backlash, such as Matthew Fishbane’s open letter in Tablet magazine that questions why Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, supports Donald Trump: “You really believe in this man, our president? Explain to us what we’re missing. We’re listening.”

And worst of all, the denigrators are going after the family: Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus  Ivanka Trump’s eponymous brand of accessories, apparel, and shoes.

All the above, coupled with the numerous disparaging opinion columns and TV interviews, create a vivid image: This is not an ordinary protest against a president (who has barely begun his term). This is not even a smear campaign. This is an orchestrated campaign to delegitimize a legally elected President and impeach him.

The war is not over the immigrants. It is also not about the wall between the US and Mexico or the Obamacare healthcare program. The tycoons financing and devising the plan to overthrow the President are fighting to maintain the power they have built over the last several decades. They know that the people behind Donald Trump’s triumph will not let them stay on top. Trump is no George Bush; he really will change things in America, and many currently powerful people are afraid of losing their position. They know that even if they win the election in 2020, four years of Trump administration will leave them nothing to return to. Therefore, they must act now! In many ways, they are fighting for their lives and they will stop at nothing in order to win.

Yet, for all their efforts, the liberal era is coming to a close. In fact, it has ended long ago and the outbursts of fanatic rage are exposing the true face of today’s “Liberals.”


Read The Full Article by : Donald Trump vs. ‘Liberalism,’ Round 1 – Opinion – Jerusalem Post

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