The False Majority: The Lie We Tell Ourselves About America


It has been a long time since public opinion has had anything to do with the direction of this country, and the sad fact is that the majority of Americans are aware of this, yet are either too apathetic or too scared to speak out. There are some who are starkly aware of it, and it shows in the way they lead their lives; there are those who see it, but convince themselves of one lie or another to justify it; and then there are those who have been so deeply propagandized that their programming will simply not allow them to accept anything other than the State mandated “Truth.”

As “conspiracy theorist” as that might have sounded a few years back, today this information is common knowledge to all but those too indoctrinated to see what’s right in front of them. With many of the most “crazy” and heatedly debated “conspiracy theories” being revealed as true in recent years, the entire word game being played around that phrase is beginning to lose its hold over the masses.

The rise of the citizen investigation named PizzaGate, and its subsequent lack of genuine investigation by law enforcement and denial by the establishment and mainstream media has shown the people two things:

1) No matter the amount of evidence and/or level of concern, the powers-that-be make the decisions, the people’s feelings and concerns simply do not play into the equation.

2) The false “majority” that mainstream media still pretends to represent does not exist.

In other words, we do not live in a democracy, or a republic, or a democratic republic. We live in an oligarchy or aristocracy at best, and a totalitarian dictatorship at worst. This is just logic based on the common definitions of the words. Google the term democracy, and ask yourself if you feel that describes the United States as it is today; ask yourself if you still feel that your voice matters.

Source: The False Majority: The Lie We Tell Ourselves About America

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