Welcome to the YOLOCAUST: Selfies and Extermination Camps

Located in the middle of Berlin, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, covers over four acres of bucolic land with 2711 concrete slabs meant to represent graves.

holocaustmahnmalluftMany young visitors find the memorial to be a great place to jog or bike, or to simply hang out with friends but — as countless Instagram photos of people juggling and posing amid the slabs will attest — they do so with little appreciation of the human horror being memorialized.

It was disgust at this lack of careless sensibility that inspired a project called YOLOCAUST.

Israeli satirist (and millennial) Shahak Shapira, who has lived in Berlin for many years took the many social-media posted selfies of young people posing, laughing and having a good time at the monument, and transposed them over images from the Nazi death camps. As one moves a mouse over the image of a person posing playfully for the camera, you see them posing instead upon a pile of bodies.

Check it out. The images will shake the viewer up, and that’s the point. Shapira means to illustrate to these visitors the history that lies beneath the memorial, so to speak, upon which they are dancing.

Source: Welcome to the YOLOCAUST: Selfies and Extermination Camps

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